Top 5 Must-Have Cold Brew Recipes For Your Cafe

Offer your customers an extra special and extra energising cold brew coffee with our secret ingredient. ;)


Now that we can finally see the sun in the UK, everyone's already in their spring/summer mindset. They've got their shorts and T shirts on, lounge chairs in the yard, and are seeking a refreshing cold brew kick to go with it. That means it's the best time to serve your customers a deliciously electrifying cold brew coffee. 


And what could possibly be better than the average cold brew coffee? The strongest cold brew coffee in the world. ;) And when we talk about strength, we're always talking about strength of caffeine, NOT strength of flavour! Black Insomnia has managed to produce a powerfully energising cold brew coffee that's never bitter. It's brewed for 14 hours over cold spring water to produce an all- natural, deliciously electrifying, 210mg caffeine kick. With smooth yet strong tastes of caramel, nuts, and dark chocolate, extreme caffeine cold brew has never tasted better.


Make sure your cafe stands out from your local competitors by being way more than average the next time you offer your customers cold brew. Here are a few of our go-to, deliciously electrifying cold brew recipes with our secret ingredient: :Extreme Caffeine.


While we all love to enjoy a sweet, aesthetically pleasing cold brew coffee every once in a while, the absolute best (and our most recommended) way to enjoy Black Insomnia ready-to-drink cold brew is simple. Serve it over ice with nothing added. We have two flavours to choose from, Pure and Sweet. Your customers can choose the Pure taste for a refreshing black coffee kick, or Sweet, where we’ve added a little natural cane sugar. And there you have it! The most simple, refreshing, and deliciously electrifying cold brew drink for a hot day. 


Our Vietnamese Style cold brew coffee is made with our ready-to-drink cold brew, using a Vietnamese coffee filter. It is served with ice and sweetened condensed milk. 



Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee (2 to 3 fl. oz.)

Water (4 fl. oz.)

Sweetened Condensed Milk (0.5 to 1 fl. oz.)

✧ Ice Cubes



1) Pour 0.5 to 1 fl. oz of sweetened condensed milk into a glass. 

2) Add in 2 to 3 fl. oz. of our Extreme Caffeine ready to drink cold brew coffee (our secret ingredient, so you can give your customers a truly delicious and electrifying caffeine kick)

3) Dilute the drink with 4 ft. oz. of water

4) Serve it iced and with a straw. Be sure to stir the sweetened condensed milk with the rest of the drink.



 Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee (2 to 3 fl. oz.)

✧ Unsweetened almond milk (4 fl. oz.)

✧ Honey (1 tbsp)

✧ Vanilla syrup (1 tbsp)

✧ Ice cubes



1) Using a drink mixer, combine lukewarm almond milk with honey and vanilla syrup. 

2) Froth the flavoured almond milk and pour it over ice cubes in a glass. 

3) Add in the ready to drink cold brew for the ultimate caffeine kick. 


The salted caramel cream cold brew makes the perfect copy-cat drink for the starbucks lovers, except with a real caffeine kick, unlike similar drinks at starbucks.



Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee (3 fl. oz.)

✧ Water (2 fl. oz.)

✧ Heavy whipping cream (2 fl. oz.)

✧ Caramel syrup (2 tbsp) 

✧ Salt (to taste)

✧ Ice cubes



1) Pour the ready to drink cold brew over ice cubes in a glass. 

2) Dilute the cold brew with water. 

3) Add 1 tbsp of caramel syrup to the cold brew. 

4) Add 1 tbsp of caramel syrup to whipping cream. 

5) Using a whisk or a hand mixer, mix and froth the whipping cream for as long as you prefer, depending on the desired texture and consistency. 

6) Add salt to taste. 

7) Blend the salt into the heavy whipping cream using the hand mixer. 

8) Pour the heavy cream over the cold brew drink.

9) Optional: add a touch of caramel syrup on top for decoration. 


This drink is similar to the above salted caramel cream cold brew, but with a vanilla flavour instead of caramel. 



 Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee (2 - 3 fl. oz.)

✧ Water (2 fl. oz) 

✧ Heavy Whipping Cream (1 fl. oz)

✧ Vanilla Syrup (1 - 2 tbsp) 



1) Whip up the vanilla syrup with the heavy whipping cream using a hand mixer or a whisk. 

2) Pour the ready to drink cold brew over ice in a glass. 

3) Dilute the cold brew with water. 

4) Add in the frothed vanilla whipping cream on top. 

Ready to offer your customers an extra special cold brew drink?

If you're interested in stocking Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine, head over to our wholesale page to learn more.