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BIG FAT Coffee Quiz of The Year

December 29th, 2020

Tuck into this brain puzzler filled with astounding, sometimes ridiculous coffee based facts and see how well you really know your beans...

We’ve finally made it to the end of 2020, and seeing as this year’s not gone quite to plan (in fact it looked at ‘the plan’, took a giant dump on it and then steam-rolled in the opposite direction) we thought you might be hunting around for things to entertain you at home this NYE.

Black Insomnia's Big Fat COFFEE Quiz: 2020

1. How many mg of caffeine are in each 12oz mug of Black Insomnia coffee?

A - 406mg

B - 213mg

C - 1105mg

D - 1255mg

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C - Our coffee has been lab tested and proved to contain a huge 1105mg caffeine per 12oz mug!

2. How long does it take for a coffee tree to reach maturity?

A - 8 years

B - 2 years

C - 12 years

D - 3 years

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D - 3 years! Depending on the variety, it will take approximately 3 to 4 years for the newly planted coffee trees to bear fruit.

3. Where does the word espresso come from?

A - From the Greek 'expreco' meaning strong beverage.

B - From its Latin root meaning 'under pressure'.

C - From the first Italian coffee machine called 'espresso machine'.

D - From a drink served in early Viennese coffee houses.

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B - Espresso is an Italian word which means "squeezed out".

4. According to an Ethiopian origin story, coffee beans were discovered after what animal became energetic after eating them?

A - Elephants

B - Jaguars

C - Goats

D - Mice

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C - Goats! According to the legend, a goat herder discovered coffee beans after he noticed that his goats became super energetic after eating berries from a particular tree.

5. Which ingredient is NOT found in a cappuccino?

A - Espresso

B - Steamed milk

C - Milk foam

D - Whipped cream

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D - Whipped cream, as a cappuccino is a drink made with espresso and steamed milk. Whipped cream would probably go great on top, but it's not a necessary ingredient!

6. True or false: The longer the roasting time, the more caffeine it contains.

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Caffeine levels are actually quite stable during the roasting process. For a more caffeinated drink, you would simply add more scoops of coffee to your brew.

7. Which country consumes the most coffee (per person) per year?

A - Denmark

B - Croatia

C - Finland

D - Canada

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C - Finland with a whopping 26.45 lb per person, followed by Norway & Iceland. The UK doesn't make the top 25 - come on guys!

8. True or false: coffee was originally regarded as a wonder drug in Yemen and Arabia and had to be prescribed.

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In these countries, many saw coffee as a brain tonic or as a way to stimulate religious visions...

9. The world’s first coffee house opened in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) in what year?

A - 1475

B - 1630

C - 1392

D - 1844

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A - 1475. Coffee was introduced by Ottoman Turks to the city. The first coffee shop was called Kiva Han. Back then it was also Turkish law for a woman to legally divorce her husband if he fails to provide her with her daily quota of coffee!

10. Which two coffee beans do we use to create Black Insomnia coffee?

A - Arabica & Robusta

B - Robusta & Liberica

C - Volcanica & Arabica

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A - Arabica & Robusta. We use a blend of Arabica for its sweet, caramelly flavour & Robusta beans for their high caffeine content and subtle chocolatey hints.

11. True or false: Coffee beans are not actually beans at all.

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True! They are the seeds of coffee cherries, which grow on fruit trees.

12. Which statement is false?

A - Coffee contains loads of great antioxidants.

B - The world’s most expensive coffee comes from animal poop.

C - The world’s first webcam watched a coffee pot.

D - Coffee was originally snorted.

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D - I mean, I’m sure folks did all sorts with the stuff, but according to the books, coffee was actually originally chewed. Apparently, the first African tribes to consume coffee did so by grinding the berries together, adding in some animal fat, and rolling these caffeinated treats into tiny edible energy balls.

13. Black Insomnia Coffee Company was founded in which year?

A - 2017

B - 2015

C - 2007

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A - We set up in 2017 in South Africa & have been going strong ever since!

14. Which food is sneakily pretty high in caffeine?

A - Dark chocolate

B - Bananas

C - Monster munch

D - Custard powder

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A - Choc! The darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine content. Dark chocolate contains about 12 milligrams of caffeine per ounce, whereas milk chocolate contains 9 milligrams of caffeine per 1.55oz. White chocolate contains zero caffeine.

So, are you as much of a coffee buff as you thought?

Whatever your score, this extra knowledge is surely setting you up for a STRONG 2021.

Happy New Year from all of us at Black Insomnia!


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