Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks: the most dangerous way to get your boost of energy.


Let's talk about energy drinks - those colourful, edgy looking beverages that appeal to anyone in need of the quick jolt of energy. Seems harmless? The crazy long list of strange and unfamiliar ingredients tells an entirely different story. We've done our research and put this blog together to reveal the true dangers of these promising drinks.


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Just how dangerous could energy drinks really be?



The Appeal...


The promise of increased energy, enhanced alertness, and top-notch physical performance. Sounds amazing, right? They must've forgotten to mention all the junk and dangerous side effects that come with it. Even if you are aware of it all, It's still tempting to give in, I get it. Especially when you really need the kick and you tell yourself "just this one time". But then the next day the same, and so on. Don't fall into the trap. The promise is so appealing which makes it too easy to block out the reality of what you're actually putting into your body (it's gross). Yet, so many people aren't even aware there's an alternative out there that's better in literally every way (more energy, better tasting, zero bullshit). It's time to step into reality and become 100% informed on the true harm of energy drinks. Then, read on to learn why and how you can get your power-up guilt free. 


Full of Crap!


Here are the most common ingredients found in energy drinks and why they're harmful. Might as well get comfortable, maybe brew up some coffee - this might take a while.



➢ Excessive amounts of B Vitamins


While normal intakes of vitamins is always a good thing, too much of a good thing can become a very bad thing. Energy drinks contain excessively high amounts of B3 and B6 - over 200% of the recommended limit in one serving. Too much consumption of these vitamins has been known to lead to liver toxicity, skin conditions, nerve damage, gastrointestinal issues, blurred vision, and more problems you definitely don't want. Scary...



➢ Way too much Taurine


Taurine is an amino acid that the human body naturally produces to help regulate your heartbeat, energy levels, and muscle contractions. Again, it is essential to have in moderation, yet too much of it is quite harmful. It has been linked to causing negative affects on brain development and function. And there's far too much found in energy drinks - it's a no from me. 



➢ Guarana, Ginseng, Carnitine, and Ginkgo Biloba (wtf?)


These are just a few of the unusual additives found in energy drinks, none of which are risk-free in the long term or in high usage. Ginseng is included to help with memory and thinking skills, yet I'd say you'd be better off sticking with blueberries, avocados, and other healthy brain food, no? Too much of it can cause birth defects if pregnant and has been associated with fatal poisoning in newborns. It can also make auto-immune diseases worse, interferes with blood clotting, and can cause various types of cancer. Best to stay away.



➢ Acesulfame Potassium


Sounds like a Harry Potter spell... and if it were it would be best to use on your worst enemy. It's a chemical that when consumed by pregnant women, can potentially cause birth defects. Sad. 



➢ High levels of sugar and artificial sugars


Energy drinks have loads of sweeteners in them, often using high fructose corn syrup which adds unnaturally high amounts of fructose to your diet. Frequently drinking highly sugary drinks may cause problems such as obesity, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic liver disease, kidney diseases, and a type of arthritis called Gout. And all this sugar will go straight to your waistline. Definitely not beneficial to anyone trying to lose weight, fitness fanatics, or athletes.


Yet the alternative of the artificially sweetened energy drinks is no better, if anything it's worse. For example, Aspartame is an artificial sweetener commonly found in energy drinks that has been linked to cause cancer, diabetes, birth defects, seizures, epilepsy, and emotional disorders. Far too severe of a trade off just to avoid calories... 


The Dangers. 


If all those unnaturally high amounts of scary additives wasn't enough, here are some of the most potential dangers to your health that are strongly linked with getting your boost from energy drinks. 


➢ Increases blood pressure and blood glucose

➢ May increase risk of type 2 diabetes

➢ Can negatively affect health of kidneys

➢ Can cause muscle twitches and stomach irritation

➢ Can cause fertility challenges in males

➢ Negatively affects dental health

➢ May increase risk of obesity 

➢ Can cause respiratory distress

➢ May affect the body's metabolism

➢ And more!


Next time you're in need of your energy kick, keep this in mind and consider switching it out to a 100% natural alternative


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