Mar 07, 20

Hooked and Happy about it...

Caffeine might just be the most popular drug in the world. Every day, millions worldwide soak up the adrenaline boost synonymous with that heady smell of coffee in the morning.

You know it and you love it: coffee is what gets you going in the morning, no matter what complexities might be lying in wait. 

It’s your most socially acceptable vice, so why would you settle for anything less than the best?

Black Insomnia is the strongest coffee in the world, giving you an unparalleled edge without compromising on smooth, nuanced taste.


How have we got it so good?

We source the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, balancing our blend to optimise its intensity and palette.

Say hello to nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a naughty dark chocolate aftertaste, complete with the most efficient dose of caffeine on the market: a huge 1105mg  caffeine hit per 12oz  cup.

With experts putting optimum caffeine intake at 4 cups a day, we ask you one simple question.

Why knock back 4 when you can get all set with 1 deliciously dark cup of Black Insomnia?


After all, efficiency is key.


More caffeine for your cash

We know you know that’s what real value for money looks like, and Black Insomnia delivers the best there is.

You’re a caffeine connoisseur, but have you ever stopped to ask why it never fails to get you charged up and cheery?

Allow us to enlighten you.


What a tease

Caffeine hit courses into your bloodstream in just 15 minutes, but its stimulating effects can last for up to 12 hours.

Caffeine is the ultimate tease: it masquerades as the sleep-inducing chemical adenosine and tricks your brain into doing a full 180 on its usual chemical function.

When caffeine enters your system, it essentially hits stealth mode. Passing itself off as drowsy-making adenosine, caffeine binds to receptors in your brain and prevents any bona fide adenosine from taking hold.

Given the polar opposite functions of caffeine and adenosine, this brain blip is truly bizarre. It just can’t tell the two apart.

Surprisingly easily fooled for the most intelligent organ on the planet, right?

Normally, adenosine causes natural drowsiness by winding down activity in your nerve cells and dilating your brain’s blood vessels.

But when caffeine gets involved, your brain’s neurons start rapid firing. This activates your ‘fight or flight’ mode and ups adrenaline production to Level ‘Get S**t Done’  (technical term). 

So, there’s the explanation behind the buzz that comes with your caffeine hit. But the sheer delight?


Good question.


Caffeine hits the sweet spot

Besides booting up your brain, caffeine hits its sweet spot: the pleasure centres. By slowing down the rate at which your brain reabsorbs the neurotransmitter dopamine, caffeine increases the levels of this happy-making substance in your head.


Head says yes, heart says… yes!

So, you have the facts. Now it’s time to act.

Experience the most intense caffeine hit of your life with Black Insomnia.

With 5x the caffeine content of your standard Starbucks and 7x the amount of your why-am-I-like-this McDonald’s coffee, Black Insomnia is the runaway choice for the modern-day caffeine connoisseur.


Drink strong, drink lifelong.


.......Drink Black Insomnia.


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