How to Achieve Your Goals (For Real)

No more excuses, no more procrastination. It’s time to finally make it happen.


Ever made a new year resolution (or any goal) and broken it? For anyone who isn't blessed with the natural ability to stay on track, this might be way too common. Perhaps, every year, the same?


Well, not this year and most certainly not after reading this blog. Use our team at Black Insomnia as your motivators, and our extreme caffeine as your fuel. Literally - we'll fuel your greatness with maximum energy, and give you the motivation you need to get sh*t done and achieve your goals once and for all.

Top 10 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Goals


1) Believe in what you're doing


Make sure whatever goal it is on your mind has your true love and interest. That end result that you desire, make sure it's worth it. When you want something enough, and you believe in it and yourself, nothing in the world will stop you. Ask yourself the following. Is this goal something you're truly passionate about? But is it also realistic? I mean, if it's not physically impossible, it's realistic. But I'm talking more in terms of how you set the goal. You've probably heard this over and over again, and I don't want to make you feel like you're in school again, but set SMART goals.


I can't stress enough how important it is. For example, maybe turn "become the greatest boxer of all time" to "double boxing power and speed by next January". Then, once achieved, continue taking your goal further and further each year. Thinking about your goals this way will make it less intimidating and keep you from losing hope. And it doesn't make the first phrase any less possible, it just breaks it up so you can focus on where you are in the journey.


It's all about the improvement and progress you're making. There's the ideal big picture, and then there's the actual goal to help make it come true. Of course you can still keep the big picture in mind throughout it all, which takes me to the next tip of visualizing that magical end-result. 


2) Keep your eye on the prize


Visualize how your life will be once you reach your goal. Honestly, this is probably my biggest motivator in achieving my goals. There is nothing nicer then imagining what it is you want the most, what it is you're willing to put all that time and effort into. Also, just imagine how you'll feel - there's nothing like the feeling of success. And when I say get visual, I mean it literally.


Consider making a vision board that you can look at whenever you need that extra motivation. It's pretty much just putting together a bunch of images that reflect how you'd imagine your ideal life to look like. You can quickly put It together with a free online tool like Canva. Then, save it on your phone, maybe print it out, or place it somewhere in your room, and it will surely get you in the mood to focus on your goals and hold on to the end-result. 

3) Take it one step at a time


Tackle the big mission by breaking it down into smaller goals or steps, then focus on one at a time. Start by writing down a list of milestones that build up to the main end-goal. The first step everyone can add to help achieve any goal is to switch out your average coffee to extreme caffeine. That way, you'll boost your energy, mood, concentration, metabolism, you name it.


My point is, when you take it one step at a time, it will be much easier to focus and really see the progress you're making. And it will just feel awesome to keep checking things off your list. Here's an example of what I mean:


Ideal big picture: "To be the greatest boxer of all time"


Main goal of the year: "Double boxing power and speed by next January"


Goal 1: Start drinking extreme caffeine for maximum energy

Goal 2: Join a boxing class

Goal 3: Practice with a punching bag every morning

Goal 4: Start hitting the speed bag 


And so on... and never ignore the value of the small goals within the big picture. 

4) Reward yourself


I'm not just talking about when you achieve your end result, because the success in itself will be the biggest reward. I'm talking about rewarding yourself for the small goals within. Because they're just THAT important. The truth is, it's all about the motivation. Sticking to your goals requires the most extreme motivation. And sometimes the little rewards here and there will do the trick. Plus, It's just nice to show appreciation for yourself and all the hard work you've done.


Let's say you've reached those first few milestones. You went from doing nothing to now getting your maximum kick of energy and a training session in every morning, attending boxing classes each week, and have started with the speed bag. That is incredible. Because it's a difference, and it shows your mindset is finally set for success, you're getting sh*t done. Why not treat yourself to your favourite dinner? Have a night out with friends? Celebrate how far you've come, but only after you've reached these milestones. That way, you'll be even more excited to get to the next.

5) Keep track of your progress


Track every single improvement you make, small or big. This allows you to see how far you've come and will surely give you a boost of motivation when needed. If you're ever feeling discouraged, just look back at the progress you've made so far and you'll be reminded that you're on the road to success. No matter how long the journey is, or how far you've gotten, you're on it and you're doing great. All you need to do is keep it up and you'll get there. 


6) Get organized


When you're organized in your goal setting, planning, and tracking, it'll be far easier to carry it all out. You'll have a clear mind and surely feel relieved when everything's carefully thought out. You can use a planner, to-do list, or calendar to write everything out, or a google document or online planning software if you prefer the digital way.


Try breaking everything up into daily tasks, weekly goals, and monthly goals. And make sure you're prepared with everything you'll need before you start, like extreme caffeine. Getting everything planned out and organized also makes for a great way to start taking on your goal. If you're lacking the motivation to start, it might be because you feel disorganized and don't even know where to start. 


7) Make it part of your routine


The best way to stick to something is to make it part of your routine, get used to it. Get so used to it, that it's like having coffee in the morning, or brushing your teeth - you just have to do it. Try to make it an addiction, even. It's surely the most harmless and beneficial addiction you can have.


It's simple, really. You don't need to conquer the world every single day, but do something that will take you a step forward every day. This could be anything, small or big. But you'll notice once you get into the routine, it will be hard to stop. Your drive to keep it up will increase drastically.


8) Think positively


The only thing that could possibly get in the way of your success is yourself. It's inevitable to not doubt yourself for a second. It's normal, we're all human. But you can control it, you can defeat doubt by believing in yourself - it's much more powerful. Don't ever let the doubt in the back of your mind stop you from reaching your goals. 


Think about the success of others and use that for inspiration. You can read up on some unimaginable success stories out there. Countless people have achieved their goals, even if it seemed like just about everything was getting in their way. There's no reason you can't either. You can start getting some inspiration by checking out our Get Sh*t Done blogs, where we've talked to some incredible superhumans about their goals and success. 


9) Get help if neccecary


Of course, we all need support at one point or another, and that's completely okay. If you feel stuck, get some help from others. By talking to your friends and family about your goals and ambitions, they may have some great advice. And if not, they'll at least be huge motivators and encourage you along the way. If your goal is a little more advanced and you need professional help, like a mentor or coach, invest in it if you can - it will be worth it. 


10) Start Now


Why waste time? Remember, no more excuses or procrastination, that won't get you anywhere. If you really care about your goals and ambitions in life, you'll get right to it. This is your year, your life, only you decide what to make of it. You can start with the most simple steps possible; get organized, prepared, energized, and motivated.


You got this.


Ready to achieve your goals?


This is the year to finally tackle those goals that may just have been on your resolution list for the past 5 years. The first step in your road to success is by following the tips above. Hopefully this will lead you in the right direction and give you the motivation you need to finally get sh*t done.


And I'm sure you'll need just one extra boost to really get you going. So, start off right and get your extreme caffeine on with Black Insomnia Coffee. You don't know true motivation until you know extreme caffeine.

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