New Year Resolution Ideas to Build a Better You

It's time to kick off the new year again...


While we all have those same new year goals that get automatically added to our list, it can be a struggle to think of the ultimate resolution list that will truly help you become the best you. If you're still looking for ideas - read on and you'll surely find at least one more goal that you didn't even realise you needed on your list.

Our Top 10 New Year Resolution Suggestions


1) Get energized the healthier way


It's time to ditch the artificial energy drinks. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Bang, 5 hour energy, all of them. While these may seem like the most convenient way to get your boost of energy, it's far from the healthiest (or the tastiest). In fact, these drinks are full of junk - inorganic and unusual additives you want as far away from your body as possible. They contain ingredients like taurine, yerba mate, kola nuts, guarana, B vitamins, ginseng, antioxidants, gingko, biloba, and more. Strange... right? 


Instead, start fuelling your greatness with extreme caffeine. Just as convenient, yet far healthier and better tasting. Black Insomnia extreme caffeine is made without any chemicals, sugars, preservatives, frills, nootropics, additives, you name it. 100% pure, unadulterated, and insanely strong coffee. If you want the quickest and easiest way to get your boost, try out the pure or sweetened cold brew packs


2) Focus on your passions


The utmost motivation and drive to truly thrive in life usually comes from a passion. If you already have one or more passions of your own - make it your new year goal to prioritize them more. Maybe it's something you do on the side of work? Make it your goal to incorporate that passion into your job. That's when you'll be happiest.


Or maybe you haven't yet discovered something you're passionate about, or feel that you simply don't have a passion? Everyone has a passion even if they haven't unlocked it yet. Make it your new year goal to discover exactly what that passion is - something that gets you the most excited to do or work on.


You can pursue a passion of pretty much anything you can think of. Here are some examples of things to be passionate about: fitness, health, well-being, yoga, a sport, reading, writing, business and entrepreneurship, coaching, leadership, designing, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, traveling, photography, advocating for social issues, the list is endless. 

3) Step out of your comfort zone


Ahh.. the good old comfort zone. That psychological place of yours that's completely familiar, comfortable, calm, safe, and secure. Nothing better than that, right? Wrong. This year, make it your goal to get out of that cozy comfort zone. Why? With the same comfortable routine, over and over again, there's no opportunity for growth. It's time to focus on transitioning and transforming into a better you. And taking this leap will not happen within the comfort zone.


Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone comes from fear of failure. Yet, the only way to get over this fear is by failing itself. Once you fail a few times, you'll realise it's really not that bad at all. In fact, it's inevitable and necessary to fail before succeeding. You'll learn the essential life skills of overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes, dealing with change, and rising to the occasion. It's when you get out of your comfort zone that you unlock your true potential in life.


4) Go eco-friendly


If you've never given much thought to your decisions that impact our environment, start off the new year right by doing so. To be eco-friendly is to be a wayyy cooler human. And it's simple really, just recycle, reuse, reduce


Be thoughtful of the environment when it comes to your purchasing choices. For example, most coffee pods are made from plastic or aluminum, which is damaging our planet. If you're a coffee lover, you could be part of the change by switching to Black Insomnia coffee pods - 100% home compostable certified, plant-based, and contains no plastic packaging. 


These painless adjustments in your decisions will make a difference for everyone. 


5) Take on a new hobby or skillset


If you're still trying to find something you're passionate about, this is the best way to do so. The great thing about hobbies and skills is that they'll never be a waste of time. Whatever it is you choose, it will surely enrich your life and make you a more well-rounded person.


Some hobbies you could try out include cycling, blogging, reading, hiking, fishing, making music, handicrafting, skateboarding, painting, podcasting, learning an instrument, and more.


Or, you could try taking on a new skill that would increase your employability. Do you like technology? Take a coding class. Always taking photos? Learn how the professionals do it. Whatever it is you think you'd enjoy and may have a talent for... take it on. After you've gotten your maximum energy intake, you'll be ready to kick ass. 

6) Spend less time on your phone


In other words, make it a goal to prioritize your well-being. Phones are addictive, I've been there. It's something you don't even realise has such a huge impact on the quality of your life. Truth is, it's distracting, messes with your sleep, affects concentration and productivity, hurts your eyesight, and negatively impacts your mental health.


Once you put down your phone for a long period of time, you'll feel happier, more at ease, and be able to live in the moment. Of course, there will always be the essential reasons to use it - for safety reasons, navigation, and when you need to respond to missed texts from your mum, that's scary.


But you can always make it your new year goal to limit your phone usage to the essentials. In fact, I find going on my phone quite boring now. There's so much more to life beyond the phone. Real socialization with people, being active, getting sh*t done, building a better life for yourself, exploring nature, taking in great views, and making unforgettable memories. There's absolutely nothing like living in the moment.

7) Be more assertive


Are you the type of person who doesn't like saying no because you think it will make you less friendly? This is another one of those goals that might require stepping out of your comfort zone. If you're not blessed with being naturally assertive, you can always develop this skill.


Why even bother? Assertiveness is a key part of communication that helps people express themselves and stand up for their point of view in a respectful way. Plus, it can help boost self-esteem and help with stress management, and you'll be saying 'no' with ease. 


It's never a bad thing to express what YOU believe. No one wants to be a doormat. And the best part is that you'll still be considered a nice person, assertiveness will never change that fact about you. If this is something you struggle with, why not add it to your resolution list this year and read up on 'A Nice Person's Guide to Becoming More Assertive'.


8) Learn a new language


This is something that probably won't happen in the span of the year, but definitely worth starting. Why learn a new language? To start with, it is incredibly sexy and beyond cool. Seriously, it can add to your attractiveness, make you more interesting, and show off your intelligence, which again, is sexy. And of course, it will open up a world of job opportunities and set you apart from other applicants. 


If you're adding this to your new year resolutions, you can always start with taking a beginners course either online or in person. Or, you can even do it on a budget with 8 simple steps


9) Try a new brewing method


Usually, we all have that one type of coffee-brewing method that we stick with out of familiarity. Why not switch it up this new year? This is surely the easiest "new year resolution" on the list so far, but hey, maybe you'll like your morning cup of joe better off another way? 


If you have limited morning time - maybe you're always out and about by 7am, then you'll surely want the quickest, most convenient method. You could try it out the Nespresso way, with a Nespresso machine and coffee pods. It should take no more than 3 minutes. Or, try pour-over bags, it will make a perfect serving in 3-4 minutes in indvidually sealed bags where you'll simply pour hot water into it. 


If you need your boost of energy on the go, you'll definitely want to try cold brew packs. Simply grab a can and get extreme. And maybe on the weekends when you have that extra morning time, try brewing up coffee the relaxing way, with some ground coffee or whole beans using a classic coffee maker. 


10) Complain less and appreciate more


The truth is, no one likes to hang out with a complainer, it gets rather old and annoying and definitely drops the mood. Although life won't always be perfect, you'll be much happier focusing on what's going right than what's going wrong. You'll find living life is way cooler when you have a positive outlook. Plus, being cheerful is surely a beautifier. If you think this is a new year's resolution you'll want to take on, check out this article on 'How to Complain Less'


Ready to be a better you?


Now, with the help of some extreme caffeine, it's time to ditch the old you. Get ready for a new and improved version of yourself that will start living life to the fullest and take no sh*t!

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