What makes the Robusta bean so brilliant?


We've dropped Arabica for good.


It's time we say goodbye to the Arabica bean. Previously, our coffee was made with a mix of 90% Robusta and 10% Arabica, the two most common types of coffee produced in the world. Now, we've gone 100% Robusta. So, why did we drop that 10% of Arabica? It's simple - it doesn't add any value to our deliciously electrifying caffeine kick. Robusta coffee is simply the better bean. Read on to find out exactly what makes it so brilliant. 

Why We've Gone 100% Robusta



Let's Break The Stereotypes


Robusta has been constantly overlooked by the world. The poor bean, so underrated. It's time to bring awareness to how amazing it really is. Let's break the stereotypes and shine light on why and how Robusta makes our coffee to drool over while giving you the energy boost you deserve.  


Robusta has been associated with bitterness, harshness, and having rubbery, burnt, and other inferior qualities. But where do these associations even come from? That's the real mystery. Let's put it this way. Imagine Robusta and Arabica were not coffee beans, but rather two buddies, complete opposites - but with a twist. Our guy, Robusta, is intimidating and unapproachable, while Arabica is known as the sweet and friendly one, loved by all. The truth? Robusta suffers from RBF and Arabica has deceived everyone. When you actually get to know Robusta, you discover just how amazing the guy really is. 


The point is, don't judge a book by it's cover. Or in this case, don't judge a coffee bean by It's stereotypes. Nobody knows Robusta better than we do. And although tasting our coffee is proof enough to know how brilliant the bean really is, we'll give you the facts anyway.


Robusta VS. Arabica - Let's Compare the Two Beans





Arabica coffee comes from the Arabica plant and was the first cultivated species of coffee.  It is, without a doubt, the most popular in the world, representing around 60% of global coffee production. It's native to Ethiopia and is commonly grown in countries like Indonesia and Brazil, where there are high elevations and tropical conditions. The plant is fragile, easily-damaged, vulnerable to pests, and way more susceptible to disease. 


➣ Caffeine content? 


Far too low. With only 0.7 - 1.5% of caffeine content per bean, that's not nearly enough to give you the energy boost you deserve.


➣ Taste? 


Overly sweet, I'd say. It gets its sweetness and soft qualities from its higher acidity and nearly double the amount of natural sugars than Robusta beans. For the sugar addicts, by all means, go crazy with Arabica Coffee. Not for us.





Robusta coffee comes from the Coffea Canephora plant and falls next in line to Arabica in terms of popularity (for now...), making up roughly 40% of all coffee production. The plant is native to the eastern hemisphere - places like Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia, where there are lower elevations. 


➣ Caffeine content? 


Enough to wake the dead. Robusta coffee contains almost double the caffeine content per bean than Arabica coffee. That's a remarkably high caffeine concentration of up to 2.7%. While we love the high caffeine content, pests hate it. That's a win-win for us, making the Robusta plant resilient to pests, unlike the Arabica plant. It's also more resilient to disease due to its awesome microbial properties. 


➣ Taste? 


When made the right way, far better than any Arabica Coffee you'll ever taste. Robusta has less acidity, therefore it is not sweet (aka it's not for the Starbucks lovers). It has a natural nutty and dark chocolatey aftertaste and not nearly as many lipids or natural sugars as Arabica beans do. But the *real* coffee enthusiasts know that's a good thing. Coffee that is made with Robusta beans and roasted with perfection is coffee to die for. It's also perfect for espresso and dark roasts, if that's your thing. 


The Magic of the Robusta Caffeine Content


It's the magic of Robusta, not Arabica, that helps us get sh*t done. You know that bleh brown water that's called coffee? The "coffee" you get at pit stops when you need the energy kick the most? Yet, it never gives you the boost you need. Why? Because it's made primarily with Arabica coffee beans. 


So, exactly how have we managed to make coffee that produces such an electrifying energy kick? It's all about the process, and of course, the magic of the Robusta beans.


When you’re trying to make a stronger coffee than anyone has ever made before, you have to start with the beans. We make our coffee using nothing other than the finest and rarest Robusta beans from India and Vietnam (and absolutely no freaky nootropics or other strange additives). This is the result of years of research and experimentation. To get such a uniquely high caffeine content, we have the help of some remarkable coffee producers in regions renowned for highly caffeinated beans and exceptional flavours. So, when you get your Black Insomnia maximum energy kick, just know it's the Robusta bean you have to thank.


What Makes Our Flavour Exceptionally Delicious?


While most people associate Robusta and high caffeine content with bitterness, we've managed to completely prove that theory wrong. Here's the secret to how our extreme caffeine tastes so great. 


Caffeine Content VS. Strength 


First, let's get this straight. Caffeine Content is NOT equal to Strength of Flavour. They're two completely different things that are always getting mixed up. When we say our coffee is insanley strong, we're always talking about caffeine content and never strength of flavour. We’ve managed to produce an extremely caffeinated and powerfully energising coffee that tastes smooth and rich, not harsh and bitter like most do. 


Our Refined Roasting


It’s how we roast the beans that makes our coffee worth drinking. Using a traditional barrel roaster we’re able to preserve the power and fine-tune the flavour in our coffee. This means we have to roast in smaller batches - an extremely precise, meticulous, and time-tested method. This allows us to maximise our results and squeeze the astonishing 1105mg of caffeine into every cup. 


With caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavour - extreme caffeine has never tasted this good. The precision of the roasting process means you get all the flavour and caffeine without any bitterness or burn. Now, when you taste the world class flavour of Black Insomnia coffee, you’ll know what goes behind it.


Try our brilliant beans for yourself ✖


Why not see for yourself what we mean when we say we produce the most brilliant beans out there - many thanks to Robusta. With 4x more caffeine than your average coffee, a luxurious dark chocolate flavour, and 0% bullsh*t, there's nothing ordinary about Black Insomnia. Next time you need to wake up and kick ass, do it with extreme caffeine and maximum energy.