Things To Do On Valentine's Day That Will Impress

Make your Valentine's Day remarkable with some 'out of this world' ways to spend the day...


Loved up? Under the intense pressure of being the organiser of the relationship? Want to plan something out of this world for your partner but can’t think of a single thing to do on Valentine’s Day (that’s beyond the usual, of course)? Or would you rather bore them to death with the same old ideas? Didn't think so. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up our top 10 recommended ways to spend the special day. Steal these ideas to steal their heart. Get ready to impress.

Top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day


1) Start the day by making some intense, electrifying, delicious coffee for two


This should be the #1 priority for everyone's V-day plan. A normal day without coffee is hellish enough. But Valentine's Day without coffee? The thought is sickening. And when I say 'coffee', I'm not talking about your average coffee. So, what's the catch? What's so 'out of world' about this?


Don't make standard, ordinary, boring coffee (aka, brown water). Without remarkable coffee that actually gives you a kick, how on earth will you have enough energy for all you'll have planned? Impress your loved one by giving them the most extreme, mind blowing coffee experience of their lifetime. How to do so? Switch out your average coffee with Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine


With 4x more caffeine than the standard cup, you'll be fuelled for the entire day's worth of activities. Insanely strong, but never bitter. Delicious? You know it. With caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas, and a luxurious dark chocolate flavour, it is simply the best way to kick start Valentine's day (and every other day).


2) Rent an expensive sports car for the day


You and your partner deserve to live luxuriously and have the ride of your dreams. Even if it's just for one day. This Valentine's Day, do something special and make your exotic car fantasies come true by renting an expensive sports car. You just can't go wrong with such an enticing, thrilling, and exciting date. You can drive around all day, visit new cities, explore, and show off a dazzling car that owns the road. Get ready to feel like a royal couple by looking into the renting options at Prestige Car Hire. Surely one hell of a way to impress your partner. 


3) Enter a portal into 14 different dimensions at Otherworld


Beneath a railway arch in London lies a portal that leads to 14 dimensions, the Otherworld. Each immersive room and custom-built island features its own in-game environments and weather systems with wind, heat, and rumble. Guaranteed to blow your partner away. Once you leave the island, you can enter a thrilling experience where you'll be fighting off zombies, flying through space, and more. Even better? You'll earn free drinks as you play. Afterwards, what better way to relax than by grabbing a drink. Their drink menu will make for the perfect compliment to your journey through virtual realities.


If you're up to experience a world-first 4D technology virtual reality experience with the one you love, check out their website for more information. Definitely not your ordinary Valentine's Day - that's what makes it so special. 


4) Helicopter tour a big city


Amaze your partner this Valentine's Day with a romantic flight over a big city. There is simply nothing like the thrill of a flight. Sip on champagne and eat chocolates with the one you love while reaching altitudes of over 1,000 feet. It will make for the ultimate romantic gesture and a unique way to spend the day. Grab some extreme caffeine to fuel up, then get your romantic adventure on. 


5) Blast down the River Thames


This one's for the adrenaline loving couples out there. Have the ultimate London adventure with your partner by blasting down the River Thames in the #1 Thames speedboat experience. Through London's fastest river rides, your day will be full of famous sights including the London Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, you name it. Book the cruise of a lifetime for you and your significant other through the Thames Rockets website.


6) Visit Europe's largest art centre


Is your partner into the arts? Whether it's theatre, music, film, dance, or the visual arts - the Barbican Centre in London has it all, and it completely pushes the boundaries. There's theatre performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, a conservatory, a library, and three restaurants. Guaranteed to impress anyone with a love for the arts. Learn more about Europe's largest art centre by visiting their website. 


7) Journey into space at the Royal Observatory 


This Valentine's Day, the planets are aligning for the star-crossed lovers. Why not have a Valentine's Evening with the stars at the Royal Observatory Planetarium in Greenwich? Stargaze through Victorian telescopes, watch a captivating planetarium show, and take in the breath-taking sights the night sky has to offer. That's one promising way to share an 'out of this world' Valentine's day experience with your partner. 


8) Add thrill to your date at some activity bars


This Valentine's Day, go beyond the ordinary. One of the best ways to do so is by taking your date to a bar that throws in some exciting action along with the drinks. From neon ball pits for adults to axe-throwing, consider these top activity bars in the UK where you and your partner can get your thrill on while smashed.


Everyone has an inner child in them, why not relive the simpler and delightful childhood times for the night by paying a visit to Ballie Ballerson? You and your partner will be immersed in rainbow ball pits and mouth-watering cocktails. Or, you can unleash your inner viking with a professional at Axeperience Axe Throwing, right near the Tower of London. Want an epic golf experience? Check out the Junkyard Golf Club In Manchester, London, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds, or Newcastle for the craziest golf courses and most divine drinks you'll ever come across. It will surely be a night out your partner will never forget. 


9) Watch the sunset from the Shard in London


If you and your partner are a bit obsessive when it comes to sunsets and city views, this is one hell of a way to spend your Valentine's Evening. There's nothing quite as romantic as watching the light change over the city of London from the Shard on an incredibly special day. Head over to the top of the Shard at a restaurant or bar in the Sky Lounge to experience some breath-taking views, an impressive selection of drinks, and a luxurious dinner for two. To say it will impress is an understatement.


10) Eat dinner & sip cocktails in the clouds


Are you on cloud nine when you're with your significant other? The best way to show that you're 'cirrus' about your relationship is to take them right to the clouds on the special day. Forget the traditional dinner dates. Take your Valentine's Day to new heights this year by dining in the clouds at Sky Garden or London in the Sky, where love is sure to be in the air. 

Whatever you have planned for the big day, make sure you're fuelled up first.


The most amazing Valentine's Day experience starts with equally amazing coffee. Get your maximum energy on with Black Insomnia before your romantically thrilling day.