Dec 02, 21

Xmas Gift Ideas for the Go-getters

It's the most wonderful (and exhausting) time of the year. That means spending too much time deciding what you’ll be getting everyone. Not to worry, we’ll give you the energy you’ll need to get through the month AND save you time with your hunt for gifts.


12 great gift ideas to help make the most out of life


12 Xmas Gift ideas


This Xmas, we’re going extreme. We don't take gift giving lightly. We give what helps people be great, and we fuel that greatness with our extreme caffeine. Here are some great gift ideas for anyone who lives life to the fullest. And if you’re included, dont hesitate to add these to your wish-list.


1) Give the gift of extreme caffeine 


Before taking on the world, coffee comes first. But not just any coffee - average coffee won't do it. Be above-average with us. Help your friends and family get their extreme caffeine on with Black Insomnia coffee - 4x more caffeine than the average cup and a great flavour, never bitter. After they’re fuelled up, they’ll be ready to seize the day.




Gift of coffee



2) Gift an experience


The best gifts in life often come from experiences. Consider gifting an exciting and memorable experience that you can join in on. This could be a hot air balloon ride, supercar racing, paint-balling, skydiving, zip-lining, white water rafting, tickets to a gig or event, the list goes on. My advice - pair the tickets with extreme caffeine. Once their battery is full, they'll be ready to take on anything you’ve prepared for them. 


3) Gift something to remember the extreme moments


Nobody's perfect - it's hard to remember every great moment. If the person you’re gifting is always on the go experiencing great things, they'll want to keep these memories with them forever (and show them off). A waterproof action camera makes for the perfect gift to save the greatest, most extreme moments.


4) Gift a new skill/hobby


There's nothing quite like the excitement of taking on something new. Consider gifting something they can both enjoy and benefit from. This could be a gift voucher for boxing lessons, skateboarding lessons, music lessons, a coding class, it goes on. You could even pair their voucher with a punching bag, skateboard, or anything that will help them keep it up. And of course, throw in some extreme caffeine so they can kick ass.


5) Gift a challenge/game


We all love a good challenge. If the person you're gifting likes spice and likes it hot, challenge them to the world's hottest chilli challenge for a good laugh. See how much spice they can really handle. And don't forget to record it. You could also give them some drinking games to kick any party off with a bang. 


6) Gift something to help them brew up & enjoy their extreme caffeine


Support the gift of extreme caffeine with some cool and useful additions. Consider gifting a Black Insomnia coffee mug to remind them of their greatness, or a mug & press for the travel lovers. You could also get them a V60 coffee dripper  so they can brew up with pour over bags or a Nespresso machine if they prefer using coffee podsWhen they're done with their morning fuel-up, you could help protect our environment by giving them a composter for their coffee grounds. 





7) Gift something that will help them achieve great things


Help your friends and family stay on track and get sh*t done with some productivity gifts. This could be a planner to track and achieve their goals. You could give the creative minds a pen that never runs out of ink so they're always ready to write ideas down. Anything that will help them be great - along with extreme caffeine so they can stay focused and fuel their greatness.


8) Gift a tattoo voucher 


Know anyone with a love for aesthetic art, a strong passion for something, or maybe they just want some cool designs on their body? Consider giving them a tattoo voucher. They could use it to represent something meaningful to them or they could just get a cool design for the hell of it. 


9) Gift a mood booster 


We all need a mood-booster at one point or another. Whether it be tiredness, laziness, or bad news bringing us down, we can't always let it affect our daily grind. Consider gifting something that will give them the boost they need to put aside any obstacles and get sh*t done. This could be a portable bluetooth speaker or a bluetooth beanie hat - because music never fails to lift the mood. Pair this with some dark chocolate to increase serotonin levels and extreme caffeine to boost their mood and energy levels. They’ll be good to go whenever they need the pick-me-up. 


10) Gift a better life ‘in bed’


‘Tis the season to be extreme.. and get it on. With all that energy from our extreme caffeine.. consider gifting something they can use to spice it up in bed. It will make for a great reward after all their productivity and greatness. Take it from Sexy Santa - he knows what’s best.


Sexy Santa



11) Gift an active & healthy lifestyle


You can't make the most out of life if you’re in bad shape or health. Encourage your friends and family to get active and healthy with some new trainers, an under desk cycling machine, a balance ball chair, or ankle weights. You could also help them track their progress with a heart monitor, step counter, or a fit-bit watch. But before they hit the gym, coffee comes first. Pair any of these gifts with extreme caffeine to give them the boost they’ll need. 


12) Give the gift of pure, non-artificial energy


Forget the artificial energy drinks, give the gift of maximum energy with Black Insomnia Cold Brew. No frills, no nootropics, no additives, it's the perfect way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. And here's a little money saving hack - save 16% by getting the new 12-pack cold brew, then split it up to give to more people. This way you'll be able to save one (or more) for yourself to enjoy as well.  


Cold Brew


Fuel up before your holiday haul


Xmas shopping gets exhausting. Before you go out on your holiday haul, be sure to fuel up with some extreme caffeine. After you've gotten your boost of energy, go and get some great things for the great people in your life. You can tell your loved ones to thank us later.  




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