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How to Nail the Perfect V60 Coffee

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How To Nail The V60 Brewing Method

11th November 2020

If you've never tried making coffee using the V60 method, this no-nonsense guide will help you nail this brew technique.

Also known as the drip filter, pour over, Kalita, Melita, or Hario, it’s one of the most popular pour-over brewing styles out there, you’ve probably seen it before in some of your favourite coffee hangouts. It’s ideal for the coffee n00b as it’s so straight-forward, but if you know what to tweak there’s a whole load of brewing variations that’ll keep your inner coffee-geek entertained for hours!


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Before you get started, there are a few things worth knowing so you can really ace that brew...


1. Grind degree is crucial.


You can speed up or slow down how fast your coffee brews and it all depends on its grind size. The finer the grind, the slower the brew time - simple. Be careful though, grind too fine and you run the risk of ‘over-extracting’ your coffee, which can make it taste bitter. Leave the grind too coarse and the opposite can happen and you’re left with a cup that’s a bit dish-watery. Here’s where you can get a bit technical and play around to find your ideal grind size, to perfectly balance the flavours for your palate.


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2. Your filter paper makes a difference.


We recommend Hario filter papers - they're the industry standard and for good reason! They have the perfect balance of perforation size...basically they'll help you in your quest for the perfect tasting Black Insomnia.



wash your filter out before you use it, it'll preheat your mug and clean out any papery taste of the filter!



Prepare your Hario paper filter by folding along the crimped edge and then place it inside of the dripper. Set your Hario V60 dripper on top of your coffee mug.


Boil your kettle then let it sit 30 secs so it's not scorching. Wet the filter paper and chuck the papery water.


Add the coffee. You want to aim for a medium-fine grind – like granulated sugar. Remember, the finer the grind the slower the extraction, and vice-versa. Per person, we'd recommend about 12g (one scoop) of coffee grounds per 250 ml water.


Pour hot water over the coffee in a slow circular motion, letting the water stay pretty level in the cone as you go. Enjoy the beautiful aroma until all your coffee has dripped through. Your brew should take about 3-4 minutes in total.


Sit back and enjoy your coffee and remember that practice makes perfect so if you haven’t nailed it on your first go keep on trying and adjusting the grind!

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