Coffee bags Vs coffee pour-over bags


What's the difference? 

We've had the question a lot; 'But why faff around tearing open the bag, why not just make coffee tea-bags?' so we thought we'd clarify exactly why that's not the same thing, at all. 


Brought to the UK from Japan in the 1990s, coffee pour-over bags or ‘drip bags’ are becoming ever more popular, especially in the adventure outdoor sector because of how easy they make it to brew up delicious coffee with minimal kit and mess.


It does sound easier though, doesn’t it? In fact, tea bag style coffee bags are a growing trend, catering for those habitual instant coffee drinkers who want in on all the good things their passionate ‘real’ coffee drinking mates rave about, whilst keeping it as straightforward as they’re used to. Don’t get us wrong, coffee bags are an awesome step up from freeze-dried granules and they’re a great way to make fresh coffee easily accessible.


Essentially, coffee bags are a great way of making steeped coffee (or immersion brewed), like you would get from a cafetiere/french press. But, if you want a mind-blowingly nuanced, clear and bright cup, you want pour-over coffee.


Basically, steeping refers to leaving the coffee in still, hot water for a set time and sometimes the water can become too saturated with grounds, leading to a bitter tasting brew. Whereas when you use a pour-over method, like a V60 or Chemex, clean water is continually able to extract the flavour from the grounds.


You don’t exactly need a huge amount of kit to make a pour-over coffee, but it’s still probably too much equipment to lug with you on holiday/a camping trip/to the gym. But when you’re on an adventure or working out, that’s the prime time when you need to stay fuelled and deserve a delicious brew, and that’s where our pour-over bags come in.


Made from paper + cardboard, they’re lightweight and ideal for chucking in the side pocket of your rucksack. Each sachet contains a single serving of our high caffeine ground coffee, so all you need to do is boil up some water and pop the pour-over bag over your travel mug using the cardboard arms to suspend it. Pour the slightly cooled water in steadily, allowing the water to filter through and extract all those delicious nutty, rich chocolatey flavours.


No mess + no stress - just perfect filter coffee every time.

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