Sep 27, 21

Introducing Black Insomnia and Black Insomnia Classic

There’s three important things you need to know about Black Insomnia Coffee

  • Lab tested and proven to have 1105mg of caffeine per 12 fl. Oz cup
  • We use a traditionally roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans No additives or nootropics
  • But what does that all mean?

It means a tasty cup of coffee without a bitter taste, that’s packed full of all-natural caffeine (no nasty come down). Black Insomnia coffee has four times more caffeine than your average cup of coffee. Whether you need a caffeine kick to start your day, a post-lunch pick me up, or an evening energizer, be more than average. Be great.


What’s the difference between Black Insomnia Full and Black Insomnia Classic?

How strong the coffee tastes. Black Insomnia 'Full' is perfect if you enjoy a fuller-bodied coffee. Black Insomnia Classic is more refreshing and lighter. Strong caffeine doesn’t have to mean strong tasting – you choose how you like your coffee to taste.


So, they taste different?

Only in their depth of flavour. They use the same specially selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans. So, they both have caramel and nutty aromas, with a dark chocolate taste. And they’re both slowly, and carefully small batch drum roasted. The difference is for how long. Black Insomnia Classic doesn’t get as long, so less flavour comes out of the beans.


How do I buy?

Visit our shop. Choose whether you want Whole Beans, Ground Coffee, Espresso Pods, or Pour Over bags. Then choose whether you’d like the deeper tasting Black Insomnia, or the lighter tasting Black Insomnia Classic. There’s free UK delivery on all orders.


Why is there so much caffeine?

Years of experimentation and research and help from dedicated high-caffeine bean coffee producers. It’s the rare blend of beans that gives the caffeine and unique flavour.


Whether you choose Black Insomnia Full or Black Insomnia Classic... you’re making a choice to stand up to tiredness. You’re choosing to say ‘yes’ to living and to accomplish more goals. You’re choosing to have more energy and get more stuff done. What you do with all that extra energy is up to you. And we’d love to see it. Share your greatness with us on socials.