Black Insomnia World Famous Strongest Coffee in the World - Revolutionary Coffee Drip Bags (just add hot water) - Home Compostable

Black Insomnia Coffee Company originated in South Africa and has quickly become the professionals in Caffeinated products. Black Insomnia 'home COMPOSTABLE' Coffee Drip Bags – Enjoy our World Famous, and Worlds Strongest Coffee without contributing to landfill or ocean pollution.

Our Coffee Drip Bags (Coffee Filter Bags) are fully 'HOME' compostable and made form 100% CORNSTARCH. We are one of the very few companies that have the official ‘OK COMPOST’ certification. 100% 'HOME COMPOSTABLE' awesome, right? – Throw them into your garden compost or local council food waste or garden compost collection.

The coffee grounds are good for your garden compost, adding nitrogen-rich matter to the soil. PLASTIC & ALUMINIUM FREE. Finally, we have managed to bring you the Worlds Strongest and Smoothest tasting coffee (16 drip bags) in totally ethical packaging...

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