Black Insomnia coffee has 4x more caffeine per cup than your average coffee, containing 1105mg of caffeine in a 12oz brew. How do we know this? It has been independently tested in a lab!

'Strong tasting' coffee is often confused with 'strength'. The taste of coffee is reliant on its roast. The darker the roast the 'stronger' the taste. The strength of the coffee itself refers to its caffeine content. Black Insomnia's flavour profile is smooth and sweet, available in two different intensities. Full is a darker roast, giving a deeper, more full bodied taste. Classic is lighter roast, so it’s more refreshing. Both have the extreme caffeine Black Insomnia is known for.

Not at all. Instant coffee is coffee that has been previously brewed and then dehydrated to form crystals that you then rehydrate with hot water to drink. It dissolves instantly and has been the choice for convenience although the taste is considered inferior to freshly brewed coffee. Our coffee pour-over bags contain ground coffee that has not been brewed yet, but are just as convenient as instant coffee.

If you haven't received your order when you expected to, or have any other concerns with your order then please email team@blackinsomnia.eu and our team will be more than happy to help you!

Our Classic flavour does taste lighter & less intense than Black Insomnia Full. But they both have the same amount of caffeine..

There is a minimum subscription period of three months. You can change your subscription but not cancel it during this time. You can do this by logging into your account, or by emailing us at team@blackinsomnia.eu.

You sure can! We can set your subscription by days rather than months, so you could receive your subscription every 17 days (or whatever!) if that suits you. Just email us at team@blackinsomnia.eu and we can help you out.

Yes, they only work with drop-through Nespresso machines. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines.

Our coffee is ground medium-fine, perfect for pour-overs, aeropress & cafetieres!