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"For the grafters, the early-starters, the work-aholics and the ones who go the extra mile. Black Insomnia Coffee gives you a super high-caffeine kick for when you need it most. With a range of products to suit your lifestyle, we are ready and waiting for your next challenge."

Black Insomnia Grounds

The World's Strongest coffee, pre-Ground to perfection.

100% Home-Compostable Pods

Compatible with Nespresso machines.*

Biodegradable Pour-Over Bags

The World's Strongest Coffee, freshly brewed in seconds anywhere, anytime.

The Black Insomnia Collection


Good Stuff

"I’m a nurse so I know my coffee, heck I live on coffee. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical “ world’s strongest” bah...well for the first time in a long time one cup, mind you 16oz, kept me stepping through lunch time. I drink coffee like water all through the day but with this I simply can’t...go figure. That being said, it’s got a mellow flavor with no bitterness, smooth and tasty. The customer service and follow up after purchase lent a nice touch and made me feel they really do care about my business and opinion. Yep, I bought more and yep I told others."

- Heather

Great product, highly recommend !

"Really great product, fast delivery and excellent customer service.
Would highly recommend this product and seller."

- Amazon Customer

A must buy for anyone looking for a jumpstart

"Where to start. Took the bag of beans into work and we all had a cup. This stuff packs one hell of a punch. Workmates was talking rapid and I got a case of the giggles. Body was tingling and felt like o could run a marathon. Deffo gonna buy more when this bag is done. Highly recommended. 8 hours later I can still feel the effects."

- Amazon Customer