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Black Insomnia Coffee Company

Black Insomnia Pour-Over Bags

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"For the grafters, the early-starters, the work-aholics and the ones who go the extra mile. Black Insomnia Coffee gives you a super high-caffeine kick for when you need it most. With a range of products to suit your lifestyle, we are ready and waiting for your next challenge."

Brew Black Insomnia Coffee fresh in seconds with Black Insomnia Pour-Over Bags. Made of 100% paper, our Pour-Over bags are totally compostable, and let you have delicious tasting coffee anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for an all-natural pre-workout, fresh brew at your desk or while enjoying the great outdoors. Ultimately convenient, incredible tasting and uncompromising caffeine content.


  • Black Insomnia Coffee contains Extreme Caffeine content
  • Caffeine content comes from a carefully selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans.
  • We roast our beans using an age-old Italian tradition, slowly and carefully in a small batch drum roaster, allowing for a smooth yet strong aroma, robust flavor, velvety body and heady crema.
  • Nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a dark chocolate aftertaste will make your palate sing, while our extraordinary caffeine kick works its magic.
  • Highly caffeinated coffee without any unpleasant bitterness or acidity.


Our Pour-Over Bags come in boxes of 8, available as bundles of 16 or 48. Why not subscribe monthly and save 20% on your Pour-Over Bags!