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Black Insomnia Coffee Company

Black Insomnia Grounds (DARK)

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453 Grams / Approximately 40 Cups (37p/cup) - Large Bag


Pre-ground to perfection for your brewing pleasure!

Richer, Deeper and Darker than ever before. This darker roasted take on our super-high caffeine coffee is perfect for lovers of a heavier, more intense brew. You asked, we answered. This coffee does NOT go unnoticed.

  • Black Insomnia Coffee contains 1105mg of caffeine, independently lab tested.
  • Caffeine content comes from a carefully selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans.
  • We roast our beans using an age-old Italian tradition, slowly and carefully in a small batch drum roaster, allowing for a smooth yet strong aroma, robust flavor, velvety body and heady crema.
  • Nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a dark chocolate aftertaste will make your palate sing, while our extraordinary caffeine kick works its magic.
  • Highly caffeinated coffee without any unpleasant bitterness or acidity.